Animation of the Day: Groundhog Skull with Perimortem Damage

745_groundhog skullby Bernard K. Means, Director of the Virtual Curation Laboratory (VCL)

Today’s animation is a groundhog skull that was recovered by Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) student Ashley McCuistion (now the VCL’s Digital Curation Supervisor) in summer 2012 while she was digging at George Washington’s Ferry Farm. in Fredericksburg, Virginia, as part of the VCU archaeological field school. The skull and the rest of the groundhog skeleton were buried by archaeologists working in the 1990s. The skull exhibits damage from the time of death (perimortem) to its left cheek bone, probably associated with the animal’s demise.  Further details about this finding can be found at the VCL’s web site. A video produced for Instagram by Archaeology in the Community in the Virtual Curation Laboratory features the VCL’s Digital Zooarchaeologist Mariana Zechini discussing the skull, using a printed version made with a MakerBot Replicator.  The InstaGram video can be found here:

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