Animation of the Day: Toy Pot from the Consol Site

by Bernard K. Means, Director of the Virtual Curation Laboratory (VCL)


Today’s animation is a small, mended pinch pot from the Consol site, a Monongahela tradition village.  It was recovered archaeologically by members of the Westmoreland Archaeological Society, a chapter of the Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology. It was scanned in May 2012 by Virginia Commonwealth University alumnus Courtney Bowles.

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2 thoughts on “Animation of the Day: Toy Pot from the Consol Site

  1. Bob oshnock

    This is amazing to see artifacts in this way. Great job. Someday entire collections could be documented this way.

    • Thanks. It is help from people like you that make these collections accessible through the ages, and soon this technology will become inexpensive enough that we all can make our contributions. The world’s heritage will be at everyone’s finger tips! (and ready for 3D printing)

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