Animation of the Day: Musket Ball .75 cal from Bladensburg Battlefield Site

By Ashley Perry, Student Intern with the Virtual Curation Laboratory.


Today’s animation is of a .75 caliber musket ball recovered from a Bladensburg Battlefield site (18PR) in Maryland and scanned in the VCL by Digital Curation Specialist Lauren Volkers on February 5, 2014. Such a large caliber was common for use in muskets, especially in the British “Brown Bess,” their popular muzzle-loading smoothbore musket that existed in a few variations, including the India Pattern which was used during battles against Napoleon as well as during the War of 1812.  Though it is possible this musket ball comes from a later Civil War component of this site, it is more probable that it is from the War of 1812, given the change in weaponry usage between the 1810’s and the 1860’s and the fact that the .75 caliber became an increasingly rare ammunition size, most Civil War long arms instead using the .69 or .58.

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