Animation of the Day: Union Coat Button from Civil War Confederate Prisoner-of-War Camp

Note: today’s animation is a guest animation from Lance Greene of Georgia Southern University.



Today’s animation is a Union Army brass coat button recovered from Camp Lawton, a Confederate Prisoner-of-War camp located in Georgia. According to the Camp Lawton website,

Early in the war, buttons were stamped with a letter designating a branch of the service. In this case, the “I” signifies Infantry. Later in the war these designations were removed, and “general service” buttons were produced. Several of these buttons have been recovered from the prisoners’ encampment at Camp Lawton, and probably represent a trade item or form of currency in the camp. With a lack of real currency, buttons, grocery tokens, and other small items became a replacement, within the stockade and for trade with guards. Please click on the link below to see a scanned 3D image of the button.

For more information on Camp Lawton and Georgia Southern University’s work there, visit :


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