Animations of the Day: Colonial Cellar from George Washington’s Ferry Farm

by Bernard K. Means, Director of the Virtual Curation Laboratory



Today’s animations are different views of a Colonial-era cellar that may be attributed to George Washington and his family in the home where he grew up as a boy from the age of 6 until his early 20s. This quarter of the cellar was excavated  in July of 2014 at George Washington’s Ferry Farm. I scanned this feature using the Sense 3D scanner on July 11, prior A square hole evident in the animation is a shovel test pit initially excavated in a 1990s era survey of Ferry Farm, and the opposite side is a back-filled utility trench.


Using editing software, I “opened” up one side of the cellar to make it easier for researchers to view, removing the side with the utility trench.


Following a suggestion made by Jane Eastman of West Carolina University, I also used editing software to create a vertical section through the cellar that shows one profile.  Editing software could easily be used to create any manner of profiles, or even section the feature horizontally.


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